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Dr. Kevin Nadel Orthopedic & Sports Injury Treatment
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Dr. Kevin Nadel, MD
Orthopedic & Sports Injury Treatment

Non-Surgical Treatments

In instances where surgery is not required to treat your sports injury, Dr. Nadel is pleased to offer a variety of non-surgical treatments to alleviate your pain while you recover.


Immobilization and Bracing
The immobilization of an injured area of the body can allow you to move about while your injury heals. Taking pressure off of an injured area either without surgery, or after surgery is often imperative to give the damaged or irritated part of your body time to repair itself. From slings, to wrist braces, to customized knee braces, Dr. Nadel will always prescribe the least amount of immobilization or bracing required for you to heal, so as to prevent stiffness from lack of use of the bone, joint, ligament, or tendon.

Lubricant/Steroid Injections

In patients dealing with joint pain caused by injury, or by routine wear and tear on the cartilage, ligaments and joints; cortisone or steroid injections will often alleviate your pain. Injections come in a variety of forms, ranging from steroid injections (cortisone) to reduce inflammation, to lubricants designed to prevent grinding in your joints. Dr. Nadel performs steroid or lubricant injections on patients as same day office visit treatments in Westlake Village or West Hills, CA.

NSAID Oral Medications

Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs may be prescribed in conjunction with other treatment plans to reduce swelling brought about by an injury. NSAIDs are available as over-the-counter medications, or by prescription by Dr. Nadel. NSAIDs are non-narcotic, and the risks associated with them are low, making them a viable means to reduce your pain as your injury heals.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
In instances of sprains or strains of the ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist and elbow, where surgery is deemed unnecessary, Dr. Nadel will likely refer you to physical therapy treatment to strengthen the torn or damaged ligaments and joints responsible for your pain. Physical therapists will create a customized plan of exercises for you to perform in effort to help your injury to heal. Some of the treatments will be done in conjunction with your physical therapist at their location. Other exercises you'll be assigned to perform on your own in effort to expedite your recovery time.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Many famous athletes have received Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for various injuries, and this form of treatment for injuries and arthritis has become increasingly popular in recent years. Used to treat sprains, strains and tendon injuries, PRP injections have been credited by some for helping them to recover from injuries faster.

Platelet-rich Plasma is plasmas with far more platelets than is typically found in blood. The concentration may be as much as 10 times greater (richer) than normal. Platelets contain hundreds of proteins (AKA growth factors) which are helpful, useful and necessary in healing injuries. Not everyone is a candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma injections, but if you are a candidate, sports injury specialist and surgeon Dr. Kevin Nadel, may offer to treat your acute or chronic injury with this type of injection.

PRP injections have been particularly useful in treating athletes in the West Valley, suffering from tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries or inflammation of the patellar tendons. As such, many runners, ball players, skiers and other athletes have chosen to pursue injections of platelet-rich plasma.

Dr. Nadel will offer PRP injections only to those patients in good overall health, and who meet certain criteria. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadel, the West Valley's premier Specialist in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy & Adult Reconstructive Surgery, General Orthopaedics and Fractures.