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Dr. Kevin Nadel

Dr. Kevin Nadel Orthopedic & Sports Injury Treatment
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Dr. Kevin Nadel, MD
Orthopedic & Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injuries & Surgeries

Sports injuries to the shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle and wrist may range from a mild sprain, to a complete bone fracture. Dr. Nadel may be able to initially diagnose your unique injury, using his onsite digital Xray machines. While minor sports injuries may be successfully treated using non-surgical methods, such as steroid injections, bracing, lubricant injections, physical therapy, and other treatment plans; many sports injuries will require surgery.

Dr. Nadel specializes in surgery to repair, restore and reconstruct torn ligaments, tendons, joints, cartilage, and bones. Wherever possible, when surgery is required, Dr. Nadel will employ minimally invasive Arthroscopic Surgery to treat your injury in a single outpatient procedure. From football to running, skiing to tennis, golf to soccer, athletes sustaining sports injuries need to be treated quickly in effort to prevent further or recurring pain and/or loss of motion.

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